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Like a true consultant, we'll customize your riding environment to foster long-lasting progression.

Bring the coach to you

Schedule a clinic. Pick the dates and bring your friends. Learn behind your boat, on your lake, in your comfort zone.

Learn new tricks

Get custom, personalized professional instruction for all ages and abilities. Optimize your riding environment, strengthen your fundamentals, and learn new tricks!

Keep progressing all year

After the clinic, you'll have a more solid foundation and a road map of what you should be working on next. Ideally, you'll end up landing even more tricks after the clinic than you did during it.

Rope length? Boat speed? Ballast?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you create your ideal riding environment.

Meet your coach

Hiring a coach can be a great investment in your riding goals. Trick for trick, there's no more efficient way to learn.
Brandon Judd

Brandon Judd

Wakeboard Coach

Contributing wakeboard coach at LearnWake. Former content editor at Wakeboarding Magazine, production director at LearnWake, contributing instructor at Boating Magazine, and senior coach at The Wakeboard Camp.

Specializes in:
• All levels, ages, and abilities
• Psychological training
• Boat driving and safety
• Reducing risk of injury
• Creating personalized targeted drills
• Customized annual learning plans

What my students say

Chelsea Grenfell

Chelsea Grenfell

Portland, OR USA

"I always doubt myself when wakeboarding and let my fear take over. We had three days of lessons with Brandon this past week and I’m pretty sure it’s changed that fear I’ve had! It was one of the best times I've had wakeboarding!"

Ken Clark

Ken Clark

Cascade, MI USA

"I've been involved in watersports for over 35 years and have been taught by some of the most well-respected coaches in the industry. My experience with Brandon was the best that I have seen by far. He is an exceptional coach with the ability to provide not only the best technical elements but also a communication method that gives confidence and understanding to the student. Watching him adjust his approach for riders that include ages from 8 to 60 with a wide range of skill sets and life experiences was almost magical."

Shannon Morris

Shannon Morris

Grand Rapids, MI USA

"I have had many coaches in my years of sports and worked next to some incredible instructors. This clinic with Brandon was by far the best weekend of learning I have ever experienced. I can't wait to do it again."

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